Epicondylitis (Tennis and Golfers Elbow)

The wrist flexors and extensor muscles are on the front and back of the forearm. The tendons of these muscles attach onto a bony point of the elbow—the epicondyles.

When the tendon of either the flexor or extensor muscles becomes irritated it may lead to Epicondylitis – with inflammation at the attachment point.  Epicondylitis_-_Tennis_and_Golfers_Elbow

This irritation usually occurs with repetitive use of the forearm muscles for example using power tools, typing on a keyboard,  or tennis and golf.  A tennis elbow is when the lateral (outer) elbow is affected, and a golfer’s elbow is when the golfers elbow is when medial (inner) elbow is affected.  Epicondylitis is often slow to improve due to poor blood supply to the tendons, and continued use of the muscles.
Physiotherapy management may include forearm massage, acupuncture, ultrasound, elbow joint mobilisations and cervical (neck) mobilisations.

An appropriately prescribed exercise program may be required if the condition is ongoing.  It is often valuable to wear a specific supportive brace for the elbow.
Please note this information acts as a guide only.  Please review with your physiotherapists if you have any concerns.